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The Woman song Collection. Also a great site for Black Heritage and many cultural links -
The Songs of Woody Guthrie -
Art and Music and the Labour Movement - Links to audio files of labor songs and web pages devoted to the art and music of working people, put together by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers Sudbury Local 612.
 Songwriting songwriters website favourite Links. -
Folk Song Music Archive -
Huge Archive of Songs here too. -
Union Songs Directory Index -
Zemerl - The Jewish Song Database -
Kletzmer MUSIC SITE. -
The Red Flag - the song and the man who wrote it Jim Connell (1852-1929) -
Library of Congress 1939 Field Recordings by John and Ruby Lomax
John and Alan Lomax
Pete Seeger Songs page -
Phil Ochs Lyrics -
Discography and index of Watersons Carthy songs - 
The Official Blues Ring
BLUES LYRICS ON LINE.  All kinds, from Muddy Waters and Big Bill to Robert Johnson and Lightning Hopkins.
African American Sheet Music 1850-1920 -
Some general resources which may be useful are Folkbook at Ohio State and The Digital Tradition archive at Xerox (searchable lyrics to lots of folksongs). The Web Wide World of Music contains many pointers to other web pages. folk /arts database -
Folkworks educ. charity -
Scottish Borders Memory Bank - a community generated archive storing the living memories and contemporary stories of people linked to the Scottish Borders. -
Flying Pigs Campfire Songbook - Some kids songs -
BBC Radio Scotland website for Celtic Music online -
Also look out for Brand New Opry. Radio Scotland's Great Country Music Programme.
On Line Scottish Music, mail order etc. MusicScotland
Topic Records - - Oldest Independent Folk Record Label
Voices from the Dustbowl (Library of Congress recordings) -
Lyle Lovett - Songs from the Texan singer. -
Cantaria song archive - - Cantaria is a library of "bardic" folk songs, mostly from Ireland, Scotland and England, And a wonderful resourceful site. Some of the song source links below were inspired from this site.
Music Publishers Association -- educate yourself about copyright law
Ceolas- all about Celtic Music.
Sean nos singing -- a very good primer
Pre-1600 ballads
Classical Net
The definitive scots glossary (from the Tannahill Weavers)
Irish Traditional Music Archive
Yahoo! Irish Traditional Singing Club
Yahoo! Irish Traditional Music club
Yahoo! Scottish/Irish Folk Music club
Traditional Song Forum (see the message board)
Digital Tradition Folk Song Database (original)
Digital Tradition Folk Song Database (mirror site)
The Contemplator
History of Ireland in Song (well researched!)
The Complete Guide to Robert Burns
Liam Clancy's collection of lyrics and chords
Makem Central lyrics (no chords or tunes)
Seppo J Niemi's Irish song lyrics
lots of lyrics
Dick Gaughan's song archive
SongFile -- lyrics and licensing
Irish folk song lyrics -- a few midis
MySongBook -- lots of lyrics and midi tunes
Sea Shanties (with some midi files)
International Shanty and Seasong Association
American Folklore: Sea Shanties
Gaelic lyrics -- many songs have ABC notation
Koala's List of Lyric's Sites -- very comprehensive
Rick's Music pages -- lots of Irish songs and shanties (searchable, too!)
Bruce Olson's source list for songs and tunes
Researching songs so you can pay royalties? Here is a page with contact addresses:
Tunes, tunes and more tunes - JC's ABC music site
Henrik's Traditional Tunes and Songs
The Virtual Tunebook
Chris Ricker's Irish Music Page -- lots of fiddle tunes
Oral Tradition
Period Story Telling Sources
Jester's Court -- Fyne musick and storytelling from many folk traditions
The Democratic Socialists Of America has a collection of songs including some Woody Guthrie and Billy Bragg songs.
Also Hard Miles Music

Scotlands Music Website CD and MP3 music from Scotland

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