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IMAYLA - "urban rural creative connections". Not for profit enterprise set up to buy land and create a centre for multi cultural exchange between country and city.
RETHINKING SCHOOLS - A US network of activist teachers with a strong emphasis on equity and social justice in education.
NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION - America's oldest and largest organisation committed to advancing public education.
NEA has 2.3 million members who teach at every level of education, from pre-school to university.
PROMOTION OF PUBLIC EDUCATION - POPE is an independent group of rank-and-file teachers, parents and students organised in NSW to promote Public Education in the community and in trade unions.
EDUCATION LINKS - An independent magazine providing a radical critique of Australian education. It is a voice for students, educators and community members working to bring about democratic and socially progressive educational change.
EDUCATION FOR TOMORROW - A British magazine for the defence of State Education, produced by a collective of teachers of like mind most of the time and certainly on all vital matters of education and politics.


Campaign to Ban Genetically Engineered Foods
Centre for Alternative Technology - Exploring practical solutions to the world's environmental problems
Leeds Earth First! - Leeds pages for the international network of radical eco-activists
Ecomall - An exhaustive list of Green resources
Friends of the Earth (England, Wales and N. Ireland) - The environmental campaign group
Friends of the Earth (Scotland) - The environmental campaign group
Green Books
Green Net - The British end of the vast Association for Progressive Communications, specifically designed for environment, peace, human rights and development groups.
Groundwork - Implementing environmental programmes within communities
UK Food Group - Promotes access to adequate, safe and culturally appropriate food, the income to buy it or the means to produce at all times.
The Alternate Press Including Natural Life Online: organic gardening, the environment, wholistic parenting, energy efficient housing, intentional communities, eco travel, socially responsible business, appropriate technology and alternative energy sources.
Medic Direct -

Roads and transport
Critical Mass - A loose affiliation of cyclists looking to a less car dominated culture.
National Cycle Network - Over 150 maps and guides to the network, and info on Sustrans, the organisation behind it
Reclaim the Streets - A direct action network committed to ending the rule of the car
Transcycle: Cycling for the future - Devoted to ideas and information on cycling and transport issues
Transport 2000 - Working to restrain traffic, improve bus and rail systems, making walking and cycling safer and making maximum use of rail and water for freight transport.

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