Travelling Home (1992)

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Going Song
Spring is Returning/Dosvedanya
Black, Brown, White
Defending Our Homes
Cold Sun Shining
The Dreams We Breathe Through Touchable
Sleep Tonight
Farming Womans' War
India Matea
The Right Mistake
Back To Donegal




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"... philosopher Descartes had it right when he said "the simplest man with passion will be more persuasive than the most eloquent without". Add a traveller's ability as a teller of tales and a compassionate eye for detail and you get the idea."
Entertainer - Australia

"Lovers of folk music will breathe a huge sigh of approval upon auditioning Rory's superbly crafted release."
Cape Country Courier - Tasmania

"'Back to Donegal' is a Bacchic delight of banjo, fiddle, uillean pipe and spoons-filled Irish tunes. A joyous travelogue. A high energy 'Coney Island'. And there's social criticism that's not detached and dogmatic. Rather, he breathes a passionate angry fire into songs about the ruin and rot of our country... (the Rhumba-esque 'Defending our Homes') or racism (a hearty adaption of Broonzy's 'Black Brown and White'). And then there's a more light-hearted edge. 'Compatability', a chirpy duet, is a witty analysis of a relationship. Soulful, passionate and transcendent. A blinder of a record."
Folk Roots - UK





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