Lullabies for Big Babies (1997)

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Be My Rambling Woman
Big Eyes
Ballad of Spitalfields Market
Night Watchman
A Foreigner Forever
Grandmas' Grave
Tea Martoonies
Come With Me When I Go
Looking For You
Punchinellos Confession
Body Search
Long Lost Friend
My Two Feet Carry Me Home
Horse Radish
Let Him Go



"Seldom is it that a small shiny plastic disc so easily evoke so many sensory pleasures. Lullabies... takes you to places where you can inhale the freshness of newly cut grass, soak up market aromas, feel the sunshine on your skin, taste succulent fruit, feel tipsy on booze and life, glow with the warmth of friendship and ache with loneliness. Rory McLeod creates music that celebrates life... the good, the bad and the ugly."
Sarah Coxson, Folk Roots #170/171 - UK

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