No More Blood For Oil

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No More Blood for Oil is a song I made in 2001 about the 'Gulf war' or 'Invasion of Iraq.' I started calling it President Bush's 'Iraq-na-phobia'. That war's been happening for years, and even though they've since captured Saddam, the occupation looks like it will continue. It's all about Oil.

When I'd made the song up, I didn't have any gigs. I wasn't performing in public at the time as I was finishing some building work in the Scottish Borders. I went on the anti-war march that was organised in Glasgow and I was there, amongst thousands of others, pushing our son Solly in the pram. I decided to sing my song then to myself while I was pushing Solly in the pram and marching with the thousands of others who were marching there. People of all ages in solidarity with the Iraqi people.

What else do you do on a march? We can shout our feelings and demands, make up rhymes, shout jokes. By chance behind me there was a truck load of women playing Samba percussion, great rhythms to dance-march-walk to, so I started singing No More Blood for Oil along with them, without a microphone, but the folks nearby could hear, I taught them the chorus as we marched.

My brother in Law has been in the British army since he was sixteen years old. He was out in Iraq. I'm happy to say he came back alive, safely and in one piece.

'No more Blood For Oil' is a love song, but it's an angry song, one you might like to dance to, as marching can get tiring. To quote American activist Emma Goldman, "If I can't dance, I don't want to be a part of your revolution".

More Ranting from Rory about US Policy and 'Democracy'

Bush's Fundamentalist government are using fear to enable themselves to hold on to power and arrest innocent people, since the end of the cold war and collapse of the Soviet Union, Western Governments have needed to create another enemy to demonise. Creating Mythical scenarios to instil Fear of an outside enemy to distract people from protesting about their own social problems, welfare cut backs, wage cuts, corporate corruption and civil liberties. Also an excuse to go and get oil. "Those people have got our Oil under their sand"!

Here in this world where others are fighting to live, where we need money to rebuild, to heal, where we need doctors and medicine, here where we are searching for cures for aids, malaria, Cancers....water shortage, all the money that could have been used to save human lives, our Western Governments have spent on bombs, and destruction in the world.....all for the want and greed for Oil. More money has been spent on war machinery than on food for the hungry, building schools, hospitals and homes for people to live.

Bush refused to sign the Kyoto agreement, an agreement which would become committed to help reduce pollution in the world, a large amount which is caused by the US energy industry, those corporations, who helped put the Bush government into power for favours and tax cuts. Yet Bush expected the rest of the world to come to his side to invade countries and police his 'New World Order' against the so called 'axis of evil'.

The definitions of 'terrorism' and 'democracy' have always been blurred, all the contradictions, the double -talk and hypocrisy became apparent to me when Bush and Blair started throwing these words around, and defining 'terrorism', 'democracy' and 'freedom' on their own terms.

Who are our 'real' friends? who are these so called democratic leaders that choose our enemies for us? And when they start demonising people, when they start looking for scapegoats and people to blame and shouting about sending our boys off to fight for 'Freedom, We should always ask 'Freedom for Who?'.

Bush and Blair keep talking about 'Democracy' and 'freedom', arrogantly proposing to bring western 'democracy' to Iraq.


On September 11th 1973, the Salvador Allende Government of Chile, a democratically elected, Popular Unity Socialist Government, were overthrown with help of that 'terrorist' group, The CIA. And the American government. The elected President, Salvador Allende, was murdered in the palace when it was bombed on that day. Later Hundreds of thousands of people were disappear and be tortured and murdered by the military regime of General Pinochet, a dictator that the USA government helped to install. Pinochet was also a close friend of Prime-minister Thatcher.

(I often wonder if we in Britain ever got the kind of government elected that we wanted, whether the CIA and US forces would overthrow it too. As they did in Grenada and as was done in Australia, when the Gough Whitlam government was deposed in a constitutional and bloodless coup, using the Queens Governor Kerr, because Whitlam refused to re-new the US. Pine-Gap treaty. Pine-Gap being a centre of Intelligence operations and Surveillance in the Australian desert run by USA intelligence.)

Saddam, like Pinochet, had been killing his own people for years, committing genocide against Kurdish people, using chemicals, and torture, and yet then, just a few years ago, it was with the blessings and the assistance and funding of the US government. and the CIA.

They also helped their other friends at the time, The Taliban, whom they called 'freedom- fighters' and Osama Ben Laden because there was a promise of oil. The Bush regime and Blair also accused Saddam using Chemical weapons and of developing weapons of mass destruction. They are now accusing and threatening Iran.

The American Government used Chemical weapons in Vietnam; agent Orange, Napalm were dropped from American planes, burning the skin and suffocating Vietnamese Men, women, babies and children and destroying the trees and plant life and foliage there. In the middle East, The state of Israel have nuclear capabilities and weapons of mass destruction and yet why aren't they accused, invaded and deposed?

When the innocent young American Soldiers, from poor white and black families, came back from fighting in Vietnam, some returned legless, in wheel chairs, when they became anti war veteran, resisters they were spat upon by their own government from a great height, These young soldiers discovered that the enemy they were ordered to bomb, shoot and kill; were actually women, Children and farmers.

This song, ''No More Blood for Oil.' is for the Vietnamese people, and for the Iraqi people, for Arab and Jewish peoples, victims of colonialism, it's for all of us European and American people who are struggling and organising against our own Governments aggression and greed, but it is also for those 'Soldiers, victims of their own governments too, who were sent to kill and save the Vietnamese from the Vietnamese! Also for those young British soldiers who have been killed by 'friendly' fire in Iraq, killed while fighting for Exxon and other US oil corporations.